Battery-Operated Temp Sensor for Inside Freezer?

Hey there, I know there have been discussions in the past but it’s been a few years, so I thought maybe someone has had more recent success with a device to put in a freezer that doesn’t lose battery in about 3 days? I have tried an Aeotec button (CR2450 battery) and water sensor (CR123 battery), neither lasts more than a few days.
Thanks so much!

I have a smart things/Aeotech water leak sensor in my freezer that has been there for about three years. I think I changed the battery once or twice. The Sensor always reads -3 or -4°.

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Thanks! I tried the Older SmartThings version of water leak sensor and it died in a few days. I will give the newer model a try.

I use an Iris v2 contact sensor in my freezer. The last battery (CR2) lasted 16 months.

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Do either of you have the sensors in a specific place in the freezer? I put a new Aeotec Water Leak Sensor in my freezer last week and the battery is down to 65% in less than a week.

My experience has shown battery reporting in a freezer is to be completely ignored. As the temp drops, so does the battery voltage, and thus the percentage of life left. Take the sensor out of the freezer, let it warm up, and I’ll bet the percentage will go back up. I have had sensors run months and months reporting <10% battery life. Now this was a sensor using a CR2 battery. Just set up some way to monitor that the sensor is still talking to the hub and ignore the battery percentage. Of course, YMMV.

I did not put mine in any particular spot. I think it’s on the door. As a sidenote, I have three multipurpose sensors that have been reporting 0% battery for the last two months. They work fine.

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I used an Aqara temp and humidity sensor. Working well for me. Battery drops to 75% after 2 months.