Batteries: Types/Sizes/Uses/Opinions/mAH/Life/ReportingLevels/etc

There is already a thread for posting about deals on batteries in the Deals section (THIS LINK). So, if you have any battery deals or pricing info or coupons for batteries, please post it there.

This thread is for discussing all of the various batteries that we need for our ‘things’;
how long does this battery last?
is it lithium or alkaline?
how does it report its power level?
and/or any other thought or question or comment you have about batteries.

Oh ya…if there is already a thread established for this, sorry. Please point me there and I will delete this one. :slight_smile:


Here is a great example of what kinds of things we’d like to discuss here in this thread (the main point I got from this string of posts was the info about lithium batteries from JD about how they keep their power level up for a much longer period than non-lithium)…

Sounds like a good discussion. I know these questions come up a lot.

I wanted to add a pointer over to the “tier reporting” FAQ, since this is one of the first questions that comes up for many people. That is, “why does my brand-new device report a battery level of 88%?”

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My biggest concern with reporting levels is knowing when batteries are low and/or devices are dead. I would have thought every device would wake at least once a day just to say “I’m still here”, but it doesn’t seem to work that way.

Here are three apps I know of to help keep track of battery status:

BatteryMonitor github


Is anyone having battery issues with samsung smart motion sensor? Batteries drain super fast. The sensor is in a busy spot however from 3pm to 6-7pm everyday nobody is at home so it is supposed ro be idle. I have used 3 new (cr2450 panasonic) batteries as recommenden and they last 2 weeks at the most.
Should I start thinking I have a defective senso

@oilisab I’d suggest moving this to a specific thread about the SmartThings motion sensor, rather than adding this to the batteries topic.
(my SmartThings Motion sensor is still showing 100% battery after 8 months sitting in a high-traffic area of my kitchen. It is continually reporting valid motion events and temps.)

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I <3 Eneloops. Use nothing else unless I have to.

I may end up cross posting for multiple answers but my smartthing sensors are horrible on the reading the battery life and most of the time the device just stops with a ‘good’ battery reading. Does it take power to constantly report the battery usage? Would I save even a small amount trying to tweak the handler (?correct term I hope) to stop reporting it since it doesn’t work anyway?