Automatic car adaptor

I Like the old deals thread better… Anyway:
Get 20% off automatic use this discount code:


Regular price $99.95


Ironic that you posted this thread at almost exactly the same time that Samsung announced the Samsung CONNECT Auto at SDC. :slight_smile:

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I was JUST about to post that :stuck_out_tongue:

You suck! I just bought two yesterday (from Best Buy that is, at full price) !!!

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Best Buy will probably match that. If not, return and buy from

With that said, I have to ask why you want one of these when you can buy a far more capable OBD2 scan tool for less, and use it with Dash (and other much deeper tools like Torque).


Best Buy is a pain with price matching and is limited to only certain retailers ( I got into a huge argument with them when Amazon dropped the price of the Tivo Bolt and I was outside my “14 day return period”. I ended up emailing the CEO asking how they can expect customers to continue to buy from them when Amazon offers a 30 day price match/return and Best Buy’s is half. I got a check in the mail shortly thereafter.

It’s worth a shot to ask, if not, return. You have leverage @SBDOBRESCU!

cdmobile posted a 50% deal before in the huge post your deals page. I would post the link to his post or the discount details but the automatic dev is actually a member here. (hopefully my hints have pointed you in the right place); otherwise 20% off is a great deal in itself .

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So what does it do exactly?

Logs trips and has what appears to be basic diagnostic abilities all wrapped in a nice app.

I prefer the cheap OBD2 adapter with Torque, and my phone with Geo Tracker installed.


Another option is Dash which will work with your cheap dongle and has IFTTT support.
This was the route I went before I even had ST.


I sorta have to agree. The latest version of Automatic adapter supposedly provides communication interface to Torque and similar apps, but I haven’t been able to pair it. The adapter works fine for the Automatic app. Was I lied to, or has anyone made the Automatic talk to Torque or Dash?

Automatic is excellent for recording mileage expense accurately (but really +/- 5%, who cares), and the integration to Alexa is fun once or twice - but I want Torque more than I want Automatic.

Hey, I am an impulsive buyer. I thought an OBD device would be cool, I did some research, I asked some folks here that are using Automatic and then ran to Best Buy and got two of them. I like the small form, own gps, integration with ifttt. I can even open garage door when ignition starts. And was one time purchase no recurring fees, plus it has free crash notification alert and tells me where my car is. I can also ask Alexa how much gas I have left and where my teenager is. I am happy camper so far, will see how long it lasts.

How does it tell you where your car is? From what I see there is no cell service on it, or associated fee. Do you have to have a phone paired to it for any of those features?

Have a look at the Dash channel on IFTTT. It actually has more triggers than Automatic.

Dunno. I use one of these and works great with Torque and Dash. It can also read GM SW-CAN & Ford MS-CAN networks in addition to standard OBD-II protocols, and if you don’t need that the LX is only 50 bucks.

I bought the older version of this one for $24 over a year ago.

Works great with Dash. This is an Android only version.
I was mapping all of my trips to a Google Sheet for a while.
I’ll go back to it once my Progressive insurance adapter is removed (waiting on them to tell me I can pull it and ship it back).

Yes. (plus 6 char to make it 10)

Automatic has free crash notification. Others didn’t have this when I looked and On-Star is monthly fee. Since it is cloud based, I don’t have to move stuff from here to there or do any setup. I take it with me on trips and plug it into the rental with 30 seconds setup.

For me the simplicity is worth it.

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Yes, but if you forget your phone, it still keeps track of the trip for the next time you pair.

I thought about that when I read @michaelahess 's question. This is nice feature for logging miles but for parking info and the free crash notification is not as useful, is it, if you don’t have the phone with you…

Unless your teenager is smart enough to turn off bluetooth, or is more than 50 feet from the car LOL

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