aT&T Digital Life Home Security

(Omer Nisar) #1

Sorry if this is a noob question. Recently got a smart things hub, and also a AT&T digital life home security system. I know the Digital Life suite can do home automation. Im wondering if there is a way I can link the two so that when I leave the home, it can automatically lock my door and set my alarm, and so on…
Any ideas?

(Nikhil) #2

I’m also wondering about Omer’s question. I am currently 1 year into a 2 year contract that I would like to cancel when it’s up. But i have several contact sensors, a yale keypad lock, and some other devices that I’m hoping I can use with the smartthings hub either now or when the contract is up. Any one have experience with this?

(Joe) #3

I’d like to know if interfacing with AT&T Digital Life is possible also. We are getting digital life installed on Tuesday.

(Joe) #4

I just got digital life and I have a theory I am going to try. It requires an extra contact sensor or smart outlet and some creativity. I will be working on a contact sensor setup with a smart things light module.
Basically I am going to:

  1. make the AT&T contact sensor close when I turn off a light module with smart things.
  2. The AT&T alarm sensor would have a program that states “When this sensor is closed arm digital life”.
  3. I will also create an AT&T program that states “Disarm the alarm system when the contact is open”.

This option doesn’t require an extra package to control Digital life.

The other option requires another package from digital life but is easier to integrate:

  • AT&T smart plug with the the Digital life energy package.
  • SmartThings smart power outlet

You then plug the smartthings smartpower outlet into your wall outlet and plug AT&T’s smart power outlet into the smartthings smart power outlet.
configure smartthings to turn on or off that outlet based on some event.
Then create 2 AT&T programs

  1. “Anytime this device goes offline enable the alarm system.”
  2. “Anytime this device goes online disable the alarm system.”

This will not give you access to see each contact sensor, but does give you the ability to control your alarm system with smartThings.

I’ll let you know how it works once I get it setup.

( I hate Mondays) #5

Check out Keo’s thread for updates. I’ve made an app that connects SmartThings to AT&T Digital Life and allows you to arm/disarm the alarm when the SmartThings Mode changes. Mode changes to Night, alarm goes to Stay, etc. Automatically. Also, alarm is disarmed, mode changes to Home. :slight_smile: The downside is that it requires a local server running on the local network with the hub. The good news is, a Raspberry PI costs only $35 plus some change for the power supply and case.