Assigning a routine to a room

TLDR; Is there a way to assign a room to a routine? I have some old routines that have a room assigned, but I cannot find an option to add a room to new routines.

I recently decided to connect my Kasa light switches through SmartThings rather than directly through the Google Home app. I previously set up my smart blinds and a couple light bulbs through SmartThings, so this new set up allows me to have all my devices in one location. I created some routines that I use to turn on and off lights. These appear as scenes in Google Home so that I can use them in automations. This works great for my own automations; however, my partner cannot see any of these scenes for his use. He can see old routines/scenes that I set up for the blinds when I was able to assign a room. A google search confirms that a routine/scene needs a room assigned for other users to be able to access them. Is there any way for me to assign a room to a routine or has this functionality been removed?

Although scenes were always ridiculously hard to find in Google Home/Assistant it used to be possible to use ‘Home Control’ in Google Assistant to assign scenes to rooms. Then a few years back Google suddenly removed that functionality, leaving their partners and users scratching their heads.

I believe it is possible for third party services to assign rooms to scenes when first paired to Google Assistant but that is incredibly tedious if you want to add scenes incrementally and I don’t think the SmartThings integration does it anyway.