Arggg... dynamicPage insanity

Driving me nuts.
Page one, get a list of devices, fine…
Page two, create a section with input options for each of page ones devices, also fine…

INSANITY: display the device name (or anything for that matter) in each of page twos section titles?, NFG…

Doesn’t work in the IDE or the App…

How the heck do you do this?

Something like this:

switches.foreach() {
    section ("Switch ${it.displayName}") {
        // your inputs here
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Ah FFS, almost too embarrassed to mention what I did

Dimmers.each() { dimmer ->
    //Doesn't work: 
    section { "${dimmer.displayName}"
    //Does work:
    section ( "${dimmer.displayName}" ) {

And I don’t even drink any more…
Thanks man, PEBKAS. .

Yes, it should be each(), not foreach(). Sometimes I get different languages mixed up in my head :smile: