Are there plans for an ST Edge location API for coordinates & timezone?

Location coordinates and timezone are known to SmartThings (SmartThings IDE, My Locations).
Are they known to a SmartThings hub?
Are there plans to share this knowledge with Edge drivers?

Coordinate information is necessary for determining Sunrise and Sunset – which SmartThings does already. I am writing a “Sundial” driver that can determine sunrise, sunset and more as long as it knows this information too.

Right now, I need to have the user configure such. I would prefer to default this information to what SmartThings already knows. Can it share?

Also, the timezone for my driver appears to be UTC even though SmartThings knows it is not.

Operations of (calculations for) my Sundial switches actually require UTC (plus latitude and longitude). My logging of events attempts to use local time (because that’s what my watch says and what the position of the sun relative to mine implies) but I see UTC. I was considering presenting my switches with the time of the next event but gave up as soon as I saw that it would be in the wrong time zone.

I would fallback to having the user enter a timezone offset. I am doing something similar and will likely take this same shortcut for the time being.