Are Sonos and Echo ($180 or more) the only audio speaker options? I just want a cheap "doorbell" speaker

It’s different, because if a flood light goes off to frequently… who cares, if you get an alarm on your phone that someones at the front door when it’s just the wind blowing, you care more. But there are ways to Improve false alarms outside and there are threads in this forum on doing so as well as community smartapps that could help.

Is it a metal mailbox? If so you could get a zwave door sensor that has a terminal block, and use the leads to put a magnetic sensor on the inside while leaving the device on the outside(in a weatherproof plastic box) There are also some other threads on people doing other things to monitor mailboxes.

Yeah, theres no way around this, especially with SmartThings. They’re business model isn’t that they’re one app should cover it all, it’s to use the community created development to create the functionality for them. No getting around this, but i’ve found that almost all of the apps can be replaced with @bravenel’s Rule Machine.

I own a bunch of different diy HA hubs, this is one of the easiest to configure, and offers some of the best community support. That said DIY HA right now Does take time, there are a lot of factors, and many in the community are worried with Smartthings portrayal of how easy it is. There are companies that will automate your house for you, but they set it up, and if you need to change anything at all they charge hourly(at least in my area). But they do it all the time and will make sure that your mesh is strong enough. There are also some people in this community that will provide more in-depth help for a fee, as well as some that professionally install ST in some areas.

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