AR Camera not Available S24 Ultra

When I use Smartthings find on the Galaxy S24 Ultra with my smarttag2 it never pops up to use the Camera to find the SmartTag2.
Im within 2 meters of the Tag, I have updated Smart things, I have downloaded amd installed the Google service for AR since the find app prompted me to.

The Tag is updated on the latest firmware.
I even get a little green dot in the top right of the phone indicating that smartthings find is using the camera.

But I get no dialog to open the camera. Just the standard your device is close white screen.

I have the same issue.

I tried reinstalling google play AR update. But the AR button is not showing up on my s24U.

Hopefully Samsung picks up on this.

Yes I hope so… I was really excited to use this feature since my previous phone was the s20u and didnt have UWB