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Aqara Smart door lock S2 Integration with Smartthings

Going to “my devices” and setting the devices type (under label) from “Zigbee lock” to “lock capability” will start writing to Recently tab instead of the live logging tab.

When ever i lock / unlock door i get what is seen in the second picture…

So no way for me to get that lock working with smartthings?

I spent more time over the weekend digging deeper on the net for this model. It appears to be using custom commands/structures. I don’t know if that’s what’s preventing it from working. I can’t find any official specs for it either.

Tagging @tpmanley Incase he has any insight into how to get this lock working.

From reading alittle bit I understood that the lock can only display status meaning locked or unlocked and battery level.

Part of the message is changing when you lock and unlock it:

unlocked: C210C000
locked: C2101110
notch locked: C2102150

You could try just parsing the string and comparing that part of the string against those values to determine which lock event to create. There might be other values that can be reported so you’ll probably have to experiment a little bit.

Reading through this thread and it sounds like lock/unlock from SmartThings also isn’t working correct? That will be tougher to figure out without specs or a Xiaomi hub and a Zigbee sniffer unfortunately.


I can play around with the lock while live logging is open… will that help?
Smartthings will show the lock as “unlocked” all the time, no matter the state, also wont display battery level…

Bumping hoping someone figured it out

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Bumping, does any one have a dth they are willing to share?