APP Feature Request. Hub URL to be in the smart phone app somewhere

@slagle @Aaron
Sorry guys but I’ve picked on you as I don’t know who else to send this to.

I’ve been reading threads on here for some time now and a recurring problem keeps rearing it’s head.
New users seem to get confused as to where to go to look at their ide.
It usually ends up with users on here pointing them to a wiki page where all is revealed.

Would it not be possible to include somewhere in the mobile app exactly what shard/server whatever you want to call it, that the users dedicated server is.
This does seem to cause no end of confusion and wasted time for users.

Please, please, please, even pretty please, consider this for the next release of the mobile app. (That’s if it is doable of course)!!!


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On top of that, it would be nice to have an option to jump between shards within the IDE…