API-ify all the things!

(Brian) #1

Anyone else familiar with KimonoLabs? Looks like a pretty awesome way to get API friendly data from websites that done have an API.

My first thought was grab my PG&E smartmeter data


(Tim Slagle) #2

Very interesting!!! Could be a great way to get data from cool sources that may not be integrated into smartthings.

Im trying to think of other things we could pull data from… I wonder how this works with getting data from behind passsword protected data. Like a weather station dashboard that has a login page.

(Brian) #3

@tslagle13 It has an auto login module

(Tim Slagle) #4

well thats cool!

First thing i think of is getting my netatmo data instead of waiting for Sts to release the device into labs lol…

I’m sure there are a whole host of things we could do with this. With 20,000,000 pulls a month you can get TONS of data…

You could make 113 APIs that pull every 15 minutes and still have a couple 100,000 pulls left over at the end of the month. Not bad.