Anyone know of a discreet switch

I am at the other end of the spectrum that @RLDreams was talking about. Had two of them and both with lots of problems. Both ended up in the trash.

What kind of issues did you have?

Getting stuck, every other day. Difficulty to take the battery out to unstuck it. Missing pushes…

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I had issues with mine until a bent the battery contacts and shimmed the battery up.


For an idea could you make on of those boxes with a smarthings multi sensor in it.

One side up is on. Other up is off?

Or something like that?

There are quite a few options depending on your own aesthetics. The buttons and remotes FAQ includes both handheld and wallmount devices, and should give you some ideas. :sunglasses:

One of these is what I was talking about. I haven’t made one yet. Put pictures she likes in the photo cube. So it’s a win - win.

I assume you can set it up for lights on and off. Maybe also trigger your bedtime routine too?

I have several Flic Buttons and use them for my bedroom lamps without IFTTT but it took a lot of work. I have installed HASS on a Raspberry Pi3 along with the Flic device drivers so I don’t need a mobile phone and so I don’t need IFTTT. But that’s a lot of cost and effort to make it all work.

I also like the Fibaro Buttons, not as small as my flics but quite stylish. I have two of them now. They work great but are a little pricy.

Aeon Mini Mote would work… button 1 for direct control of the lamp… buttons 2-4 for any routine you would like to assign… It’s a great wireless solution to velcro to the back of the headboard. We have ours hooked up to the lamp, white noise machine, good morning, and goodnight routines… Come to think of it though, ever since we put our echo-dot on the bedside table, we use voice control for the lamp just as often.

Thanks all for the suggestions so far. My wife is very anti-clutter so the mood cube won’t work. And we have small children, so the minimote would disappear. (I actually have one right now that I use to go to nighttime mode and I can’t find it 30% of the time.)

The Fibaro button might work. Does anyone have an idea of the dimensions of it? I can’t tell how big it is from the photos.

Is there a way to mount a motion sensor like the Lowe’s Iris. Say on back of headboard, hidden on nightstand? Someplace where you would have to intentionally trigger it with motion? Then you could wave you hand over it as a trigger. Maybe use a smart app to control say if light on then off. If off then on?

Do you have android phone? You could use tasker, sharptools to trigger events from your phone. I have my phone set up so when it’s placed on the charger it turns off the bedroom lights. That’s typically the last thing I do every night is place in on a wireless charger. When I pick it up in the morning it runs Good-morning routine.

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How did you make this work? I’ve tried Charging Wirelessly profiles but the problem I’ve run into is that when the phone reaches full charge in the middle of the night it actually stops charging for a few minutes which deactivates the profile.

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If you’re going to use an Android phone and tasker, could you trigger with an NFC tag on the night stand instead of a charging profile? What about multiple NFC tags - move the phone from one spot to another to operate lights. Just throwing another idea out there.

So far all of the devices mentioned in this thread, including the mood cube, are also included in the buttons and remotes FAQ. It really is worth taking a look at it as there are also a number of other devices there that might work. (The following is a clickable link)

Then if you have any questions about any of those devices, you can come back here and ask them so you can get individualized responses. :sunglasses:

As far as the .Fibaro button, it’s pretty big

1.81" by 1.34"

Also be aware that a number of people have reported problems with it flaking out from time to time, meaning it may not be as reliable as you want for a light switch. The buttons FAQ has a link to the discussion thread for it.

I have the mood cube on my nightstand. It is discreet and very useful. Alexa and google home are other forms of discreet and quite useful control devices.

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NFC tags work great, I used those before getting the Iris buttons. Using the NFC Tasks and NFC Tools apps (I’m sure there are others too) you can program a tag to run a Tasker task to run ST stuff using Sharptools, or you can hit a CoRE or IFTTT url.


No Androids unfortunately. Work only permits iPhones.

I have 2 triggers for the profile,
Time between 9 and 11 pm.
Power State set to Wireless

I don’t believe the power state actually checks if the phone is charging or not just that power is supplied by the selected source.

My good morning profile is pretty much the same.
Time between 4 and 7 am
Power state is not wireless.

I have 2 separate profiles for 2 separate triggers. I think if you set it up with an exit task you will see issues. As the on wireless profile might go inactive? I’m not sure becasue of my time limit on the profile it does go inactive every night before the phone finishes charging. Nothing cares becasue I do not have a task attached to the exit on the profile.

Here is a screen shot of the typical logs from a night.


Just as a follow up to this, I’m seeing the same reliability issues with my Iris buttons. They stop updating occasionally, miss push/hold events, etc. I’m looking to replace them already…