Any way to power on a group at one time?

Hey everyone. Just recently got the ST hub and am enjoying the cross compatibility a lot.

One thing I am missing from the OSRAM app was the ability to create groups which allowed me to turn all devices on at one time. This is especially useful in the case of lighting.

When walking into a room it would be nice to have the ability to make all lights come on at one time. Is this possible? If so how?

Take a look at Rule Machine. It is a community built rules engine that allows you to do almost anything you would want to do with Smartthings. Make sure to read Bruce’s instructions at the top of the thread. There is quite a bit to read but it will make your life a whole lot easier.

If you have questions on building the logic you can post them in the following thread.

So the answer is no then? That seems really short sighted on ST part. Thanks for the info man. So how would creating a rule in rule machine allow a one push button to turn on a group of lights? Not asking you to step by step help me build out the rule but more so how the rule would do that.

No, the answer is not no… there are lots of different ways to do this… rule machine just happens to be the current best solution. The is a search button in the upper right corner feel free to see for yourself.

So you can create groups natively in the app? I’m not finding it out anything in search.

An actual group device no, not with osram bulbs, but can you you turn on 5 lights when you press a button or trigger a motion sensor… Yes, with smartlighting, rule machine, and several other smartapps. If you want groups you want lifx bulbs with some community love’en

@chowder007, I use Trend Setter by Chris Kitch. This allows me to group my Hues into one device through the app. Should be possible with any dimemer bulb, switch, etc.

A quick search should find it on the forums


No solution I’ve played with causes my bulbs to actually fire simultaneously. I’ve heard good things about the community Hue connect integration though.

Are you looking to create a group so that all of them turn on at EXACTLY the same time or just a group that can turn all the lights in the group?

If the former then unfortunately that’s not currently possible though ST is working on it. That’s one of the few features I miss from Wink…

If the latter there are many ways this can be achieved.

I think it depends on the trigger. If you want motion to turn them on then smart lights can do that. Just select all of them to turn on when there is motion.

You mentioned a button. Can’t you do the same thing? Turn all the lights on when the button is pressed? (Again, using smart lights)

On osram, you could have a group called say living room, out living room fan. Pressing that group would cause ask the lights in that group to come on instead of having to turn each bulb on one at a time. I don’t need them to all come on in unison, I just need them to all come on.

Motion sending isn’t possible right now as I don’t have any motion sensors. That is planned but will be a month or so.

So in the ST app, you want to press a button to turn them all on? You can do that with a simulated switch and smart lights app.

Thanks Todd. I will look into that.

Actually, another option would to be create a routine. You can set it to turn on location the lights and when you tap it, it will turn them on

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@adeparker this is exactly what I am looking for. Trying to add the smart app in IDE but it is giving me the following error - No signature of method: script14555546268791496728714.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script14555546268791496728714$_run_closure1) values: [script14555546268791496728714$_run_closure1@546566d7] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

What am I doing wrong? I am posting the code in his post word for word for the Dimmer Group Device.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @chowder007,

Sorry I can’t be much help with this, my development experience in ST is pretty much zero. Have you added the device types AND the smartapp?

@Kriskit, can you provide any assistance please?



I am assuming the issue is I haven’t added the device types maybe. How would I do that? Where would I get that info from?

NM - I think I figured it out.

So I got it installed and went to add a group and accidentally hit the back button. Now im getting “an unexpected error occurred” when trying to create a new group.

I think I need to blow it out and restart. How do I uninstall the app from IDE? In the ST app on the phone I have tried removing but it just remains. I would like to remove it from IDE but dont see a way to remove apps in the IDE.

Ok, im getting really frustrated, with myself. I figured out how to remove the app in IDE but it wont let me because it says a user has it installed but when I try to remove it from my phone it just goes back to MY APPS, and its still listed.