Any Way to Create a Notification for open doors on Utilitech SE812 strobe / siren

(Steven Reese) #1

I have a two-fold challenge I’m trying to solve:

The first challenge: I have a Utilitech Siren that has both strobe and siren function. I would like to have the strobe flash when a door is open, but stop flashing when that door is closed. I’ve tried to set this up using the alert function, however I cannot seem to set up the notification to be instant, nor can I direct it to a siren / strobe. I used IFTTT, which activated the siren when the door opened, but did not shut off when the door closed. This also leads to the second challenge.

The second challenge: It seems as though I cannot trigger the strobe to activate independent of the siren, even though the option is present in IFTTT. I have tried the standard Z-Wave Siren that ST provides, as well as the community code, and neither seem to work correctly.

Any help / ideas?