Any way for a device to determine between a switch and thermostat off() method?

I’m using the Better Thermostat and would like to make my thermostat turn off when a smoke alarm goes off.

I can add the fanOff() call to the off() call but I don’t want to to do this all the time - I sometimes turn off my A/C but let the fan continue to pull some cold air out of the basement.

Is there a way to detect if the off() came from a switch or thermostat call and add the fanOff() to the switch call?

Many thanks,


You would do this from a SmartApp rather than the Better Thermostat device type. The smart app would look for an event from the smoke alarm and call both the off() and fanOff() methods. You might also be able to do it from a custom smoke alarm device type, but it could get messy.

Thanks, I ended up writing an app for it. Which is a shame, I would liked to have turned my thermostat off straight from an action, it would be a lot neater.