Any equivalent to legacy IDE?

I know its all in the mobile App. But call me old fashioned. I loved the old IDE as a single place to see all the devices, events, notifications, etc.

Now that we’re in Edge/LUA and IDE will soon go, is there an equivalent portal ?

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You can use the SmartThings API Browser+ to see many things.

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That link you sent
almost broke my computer. I have a router and desktop based malware scanner who instantly detected bot nets…

Lots of people in the community are using this link with no problems.

If it you think it is too risky for you don’t use it.


Todd Austin is a well-known community developer who has contributed probably a dozen projects for the new architecture which many people have found very helpful. These include projects for MQTT integration, to use Web hooks with an edge driver, etc.

He originally developed the web browser API access page for his own use, then shared it with a few people, and then many more people were asking for it, because it can do things that the official features at can’t, and that will be lost when the IDE goes away. And history tells us that we can’t assume that smartthings will make up for that lost functionality. They might, but they might not.

When the browser page 1st launched, I mentioned privately to Todd, who is in the US, that it probably doesn’t meet EU privacy requirements, which are really strict.

It’s entirely possible that your Malware detector was triggered by the absence of some of those EU standards. :thinking:

As Paul says, if you’re uncomfortable with it, don’t use it. And continue to ask through official smartthings channels for the missing features as official functions.

I think it’s a very important question to ask, so I am glad that you have raised it. I just thought it might be helpful to know some of the history of that particular project.



Thank you so much. I responded to T Austin under a separate thread to help him with this scenario.

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