Android Landscape Support

I made a feature request on the support forum for Android landscape support. I got a reply they have nothing in the works for it at this time. The Android app has a long ways to go so I can understand it isn’t a priority right now.

However, I was really looking forward to using a cheap wall mounted tablet as a control interface for SmartThings, so I started looking for a way to make landscape work. I didn’t have to look very long…there a lot of apps that can force landscape, like this one for example.

It works…but is far from ideal. You only get one row of tiles…but at least they are facing the right way.But, you could take it a step further and change the DPI in the build.prop to fit more on the screen. With a custom rom you can even do application independent DPI settings…man I love Android :slight_smile:

I still strongly believe that full “drag and drop” controls (widgets / gadgets) in the layout of the User’s choice is a preferable design.

Yes – this is definitely a departure from the current SmartThings GUI; but that’s all the more reason it would be useful for the entire API to be open to developers.

Heck … SmartThings elements should be logically convertible to RTI drop-able controls, in case one wishes to use RTI Panel as their default interface.

RTI Panel App sample

Or you could just turn your tablet to portrait orientation, right @coryds? :slight_smile:

@Gray, I could… but landscape looks much sleeker on the wall than portrait. The idea here is to not make it look like a hack job.

@coryds, are you trying to tell me that a tablet in portrait orientation, hanging on the wall inside a $5 IKEA frame, isn’t super classy?

I beg to differ!

Don’t try and convince us you bought a frame @Gray, we all know you just duct taped it up :wink:

And…RTI does ZigBee!

What’s really a pain is smarthings is portrait only and harmony is landscape only.