Android app microphone permission?

I received an update today for ST Android app and its asking for microphone permission, is there something in the works?

Native voice commands?

As it was noted in the discussion regarding 2.0.8 release of the Android app this is for upcoming features. Which, would be in fact, voice commands. No timeline or details are given. It’s just something planned for the future. Nothing else.

It’s still exciting…

Since you have to manually approve the update because of permission changes this information should be listed in the What’s New section so users don’t have to go google hunting for why they want extra permissions. :confused:

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They mentioned on the Dev call last night that it was for future implementation of 2-way audio for supported IP cameras. It could also be for Voice commands, though I think the Echo is better at that anyway :smile:

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I really want the echo but I want to get light switch and bulb first.

Let’s get all operations running locally before we add crazy new features…amirite?