Analysis of network connections

I’m searching for a third party software that can analyse my network and report on each devices connection strength and path to the hub. Is there anything out there offering this?

Short answer, no. For one thing, we’re talking about 6 different networks:


And SmartThings offers very little in the official features in this regard.

It may be possible to add a third party tool for zwave like the Zwave Toolbox from Zwave Products. I think that will still work with the new architecture. See discussion threads in the forum.

Or you can add a device that uses zensys tools:

For Zigbee, people used to be able to add a third party tool under the old architecture, but there have been recent reports that that same device isn’t working with the new architecture, so I don’t know what to say on that.

This area has always been a weakness of the ST platform. :thinking:

Thanks for the advice I’ll follow this up.

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