An idea - Power monitor compiler

So, I’m one of those people that must keep track of what a device is doing to my electric bill.

I have several devices that monitor power, but of course they can’t do it all.

This is my idea for a smartapp and I’m wondering if anyone has seen anything along these lines…

Setup page:
Gives choices for device types which open separate pages - bulbs, switches, plug in modules, etc…
On each page you would select your devices, after which pressing next takes you to a page asking you for the wattage of the device. For switches you would input the total wattage of what the switch is controlling.

There would be an area to input your local kw/hr costs.

The smartapp would monitor on/off status of each device.

The main page would give a total current power user, yesterday, last week, last thirty days. It would show power and cost. It would also allow for taking on device types to see the sabe for each category and break down all the way to the device.

Is this even possible? I think it all hinges around be able to monitor and track the on off status of the devices.

Does anything like this exist already?

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That’s a nice idea! @Kriskit ’ Trendsetter may be able to accommodate, i believe, with minimal enhancements.

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Accuracy might be an issue, but in this case something is better than nothing.

Dimmers might take some maths to work out, they are not linear so would have to be approximated.

Great idea!

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I installed Curb several months ago. They integrate with SmartThings:

I saw that… It’s a lurker pricey and doesn’t fyi everything I want.