Amcrest camera + smart lights

Hello i apologize if this is in the wrong section if it is. I have been interested in a effective sort of motion sensor (and more) aka a security camera like Amcrest (i’ve heard its the best) But also wanted it to trigger smart lights (any generic one that works with smartthings).

So, if there is motion and if the camera detects a human and as long as it detects a human it will turn on a light and keep the light on. As soon as the human leaves the vicinity, the light will turn off. (i also hope to make this work with smart plugs as well, as to begin up the room for a period of time once the first person enters (if its cold), and turns off the plug if nobody is in the room for a specified period of time) etc.

I have no programming knowledge and am just a basic computer guy, any ideas on if this is possible? And what should i buy?