Amazon Echo Question


I am relatively new to this. I connected a few switches, thermostat, garage door, locks, and now I am considering adding Amazon echo.

My question is how easy and how well it the integration between echo and ST work right out of the box ? I don’t want to go through bridging apps or adding codes…etc.

In ST, I have several routines. Do I say “Alexa, perform Good morning routine” for a example? Can I control individual switches to, like “Alexa, turn on dining room light” ?

I would love to hear your experience with it so far. Thanks & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Switches yes

. Work well. Routines not directly… you can add a virtual tile or switch to have Alexa do the routine.

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Thanks Larry. I have not added virtual switches before and don’t know how. Is it fairly simple? where can I find directions to do so :smile: ?

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The below link shows how to create a virtual switch via the IDE. I can say I love the echo and how it makes my house much smarter and it is very easy to control the lights, locks, etc without pulling my phone out.

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Also check out Alexa helper written by @MichaelS

Alexa Helper - Change mode or phrase with a switch toggle


Thanks JP…the latest version is actually here: [RELEASE] Alexa Helper


Time for me to update and try the new features :grinning:

I actually got the Echo and LIFX lights first and then added ST. Echo added a lot of great functionality. It’s a little tricky to get everything working just right, but it’s not difficult. You will like the end results. I can say “Alexa, turn on night time” and all the right lights go off and on and mode is changed, etc. Much easier than walking all over the house to turn lights on and off and you don’t even have to have your phone handy. Definitely worth the investment for the Echo.

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Thanks @jpeuter11 :slight_smile: I read it cannot control locks ? you were able to control locks?

Can I install that right from my iphone?

I created a virtual switch. Echo turns on/off the the virtual switch which calls a routine. The routine locks the front door lock.

You probably need to access the IDE to install the code…but once you do you can control it within the ST app.

As mentioned above you can create a virtual switch that calls a routine that locks or unlocks a door or opens/closes a garage door. Once you get the hang of virtual switches you will be in business.

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ok Thanks @MichaelS :smile:

Good luck…be sure to get the latest version and read through the official thread: [RELEASE] Alexa Helper

Thanks @jpeuter11 :smile:

Another way to control locks which I use is ifttt. You can create triggers to lock doors. Use Alexa trigger lock the front door. Dont recommend using for unlock. People can stand at window and yell to Alexa to unlock your door.

Thanks @Lgkahn :smile:

Another question: Are there any disadvantages to creating separate routines in echo that resemble the Good morning routines in ST ? for example, creating a routine in echo that controls the same switches that ST lumps together in a Good morning routine for example? This was I don’t have to install any new apps or virtual switches? I am new to this so I am may be way off? Thanks :smile:

It is really personal preference. When I first got into this I worried about the same things, but at the end of the day if it works for you and it is easily manageable by you, that is all that really matters.