Amazon Echo Prototyping Skill by UCIC (The Ubi)

Interesting article with seemingly huge potential

Still trying to figure out how UCIC makes any money post-failure of “The Ubi” to become popular…

Rumour has it they have alexa running on ubi in their HQ :wink: i sense a cheap ECHO alternative haha - ideal when i have 3 Ubis sat around at the moment

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I played with it a couple of weeks ago when I found it under Alexa skills. Like any skill you need a keyword to activate, so it more of a novelty for me at this point since it is not full integration. It can do wildcards and wiki like dissertations and replicate SmartThings and Harmony functions. If I can figure out how to replicate the goodnight Ubi report using Alexa for the information output instead of the Ubi, I might find it useful.

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