Amazon Echo dot (UK) integration

How good is the integration for Amazon Echo dot (3rd Gen), in UK with SmartThings?

Thinking of getting one (or two) dots on black Friday deals. Do you need separate hubs on top of the Echo though to control stuff like lights etc?

I have some lightify lamps that are directly integrated with the ST hub (rather than the lightify hub), could I control those?

Ikea tradifi lamps, can these be controlled direct or would I need the Ikea hub?

Be interested to know, the integration for Echo/alexa looks official with ST in UK is that correct? Or does it need a smartapp again?

Be interested to also know what people use the echo integration with ST for.


Yeah Alexa just detects all your devices when you’ve setup the SmartThings skill.
Works fine for me.

Great thanks so you can do everything in the app? As in run routines, switch on lights, switches etc?

Yeah you can do all that it can be set up on the SmartThings app or the Alexa app.

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Got 1 of the bulbs working with Alexa, works really well. What name do you have to use? I’m using it as it’s called in ST at the moment. Is there a way to shorten the name for Alexa? It’s just called “living room lamp” for example the one I have working.

But others I have are lightify ones and I’ve called them lamp (stairs), lamp (door) etc and so how would Alexa use these names or can I rename them for easier working in Alexa?


Yeah you can just rename them in the SmartThings app and Alexa should just detect the new name.
But the Alexa app itself gives you more customisation.
You could have your lamp called living room lamp but set Alexa to turn it off if you say turn off Scooby Doo etc.
Look at groups, scenes & routines in the Alexa app.
I like the groups in Alexa because say you have 3 lamps in your living room all named differently if you add them 3 lamps into 1 group called living room when you say Alexa turn off living room it will turn all 3 lamps off at the same time.

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Brilliant, again didn’t know could do this, made some routines and can individually pick a lamp or a bulb and group them all off a phrase of your liking.

It’s becoming very powerful Alexa, and handy!


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Got that working, thanks, now the next Alexa integration…

I have a harmony hub, I want to be able to “Alexa, turn down the TV”, but when I goto Alexa routines all I can is the possibility of powering on/off the harmony hub (pointless), or running one of the harmony activities, like “turn on TV” or “play PlayStation” which does a lot of individual thinks like power on soundbar, switch input etc.

Is there not a way to just once all powered up and watching TV to just ask Alexa to turn up TV?


Now you’re just being greedy :joy::joy:
To be honest I’m not sure in the setup of the harmony as I don’t use it.
But have a look here I’m sure this should explain some things can’t see why you wouldn’t be able to do it.