All temperatures at one screen

Any news about this idea of collecting temp data from sensors? I wonder since this thread is a bit old.

I use an app called Home Remote, you can import all your devices from ST and have a far superior UI configured how you want and it is wayyy easier to see at a glance, each device can be shown multiple times on different pages if needed

No skills required either

Just a quick note to anyone considering Home Remote. Right now it is based on groovy so when groovy is shut down, Home Remote may cease unless it gets updated to work on the new platform. Something to think about if you are going to use it :slight_smile:


Even if it is blank it’s still a better UI than ST’S offering :sweat_smile:

Go to the Mall with your SO and all will be OK. :sunglasses:

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Grrrrrr… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Random question on this. I gave Home Remote a try today. After I generated the ST api code and pulled all my devices over, something like 25-30 show up in Home Remote with the name “main.”

Is this something with how they are setup in ST? Can it be adjusted? I don’t really want to go through and figure out what is what.


They appear to be recent inclusions, I can only assume edge drivers maybe ? Tbh I haven’t messed with them as my HR app shows what I need without setting them up and changing there names

You are right though, a right pain to see what’s what

Just setup a test page in HR and dragged in the ‘main’ items, they are virtual Edge devices with no ST naming convention attached so we just see ‘main’ a right pain to know which does what

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