Alexa ST Combined Routine [Newbie]

Just hooked up my ST hub to Alexa and multiple devices and I’m lost. Here’s my trial learning setup:

ST connections
Cree connected bulb for living room
ST smart plug for living room TV
Cree connected bulb for bedside lamp

Alexa connections:
Iris smart plug for bedroom TV
Nest thermostat

I want to create an Alexa command of “Headed to bed” or something more dramatic that does the following:

Sets the living room Cree bulb to max dim
Turn off the living room TV
Turn on the bedside Cree bulb

Turn on the bedroom TV Iris smart plug (no judging about TV in bed and married couples here but feel free to inject humor)
Set the Nest to 65

I haven’t figured out a way to tell Alexa to “Head to bed” and execute all of the ST desired settings and all of the Alexa desired settings in one command. Because I have one group of devices only controlled by the ST hub and one group only controlled by Alexa, I’m stalled out after trying several creative on/off scenarios.

I haven’t figured out a way to tie them all together. I know this is a basic question, but I’m just getting my feet wet. Imagine searching the web for “how to get Windows to run on Linux”. So much stuff, so little time.

I tried ifttt but without a Makers invite, limited.

I tried Yonomi but…

Sorry for the newbie question if it’s already been covered, but this it a high fidelity community that’s difficult to search for basics.


I would suggest looking into CoRE as the backbone. More specifically create a virtual switch in ST, then create a CoRE Piston that monitors that VS so when it changes to off, the Piston runs what you want. The trigger will be when you tell Alexa to turn off the VS

CoRE is a beast and will do this and way more than you can hardly imagine, but hang in there and do use the second thread for Q&A

CoRE getting started

CoRE help thread


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Can’t you just do it all with ST? No core or any of that?

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Why is the bedroom TV iris plug not controlled by smarthings too?

You have MANY ways you could do this. You could use CoRE as mentioned, or echosistant,or ask Alexa, or who knows what else. Those all require a little.more setup.

I think since you identified yourself as a “Newbie” I would just use your Good Night routine in smartthings. Set up all the things you want to happen in there, turn on, turn off, ect… Then you can trigger that routine from your phone, another smart switch, lack of motion, but ,since you have no smart locks ,you could tell Alexa to do it for you.

Go here for some additional reading:

If you want to try some of the more advanced smart apps.mentioned. just find their the forum. Someone will help you get it going.

Thanks @Toy4Rick! This is exactly the kind of leg up I was hoping for. I told my husband I would head up to bed last night in about half an hour when I got my new toys setup and wound up going down a fun rabbit hole for five hours. The Dummies article by @smgran is excellent and CoRE already has my brain buzzing with lots of automation ideas. I appreciate your effort to help a newbie. :slight_smile: It was a nice welcome to the community.

You can install the askAlexa app. It will turn things off like your saying.

My askAlexa uses for example:
Alexa, tell smartthings sleep
(blue/green light on top activates, all lights go out, Nest temp is adjusted, house is put in armed stay mode) alexa then responds with - OK

Alexa, tell smartthings goodmorning
(certain lights turn on, Nest temp setting is adjusted, home is put in unarmed home mode) OK

Using an askAlexa voice macro:
Alexa tell smarthings gone in three minutes
Ok I will run the gone control macro in three minutes
(in three minutes all lights turn off, Nest temp is adjuted, home it out in armed away mode)

Thanks @tpip! I really like the 3 minute macro idea!