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Alexa Helper - Change mode or phrase with a switch toggle


JDRoberts has written a lot of good FAQ that has made it easier for me to learn how to install these apps you find on these forums. I felt exactly like you did and I have been a Smarthings user since day 1 when I backed the Kickstarter project. You will get a hang of it really quickly. Just read basically every FAQ posted by JDRoberts on this forum.



Thanks for the shout. A lot of community members have contributed a lot of great material, including FAQs. It’s just that it’s really hard to find in the forums. We’re hoping the wiki changes that. It also has pointers back to discussion threads in the forums so people can ask follow-up questions or brainstorm specific projects. :sunglasses:


(Steve) #141

Yes, my ST bookmarks tab in firefox is currently loaded with 14 of his posts (now 15).


And sorry, I guess it’s a bit late and I was more upset than normal. Because clearly there are some posts out there that answered the question in simple easy to understand terms a noob like me needs.

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My hope, seriously, is that in the future you’ll only need the one link to the wiki. And from there you’ll be able to search and find whatever you need including links back into the forum discussions.

One of the best things about a wiki is that a lot of people can edit it so It should stay up to date and not be so much repetitive stuff. :sunglasses:

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I am new to this. I added and published the coded date 11/17/15 via IDE. Try to install it from ST mobile app but when I tap on creating a new scenario, the message “smartthing has crashed …” popup and the smarthings app is restarted. What I am doing wrong ? Thanks.


(Micheal ) #144

Actually, I just did a major upgrade. Please read here: [RELEASE] Alexa Helper

In summary, there are two versions now…Version 2.2.2 which is a stand alone app that will no longer be supported (Now called Alexa Helper-Original).

The new version has two parts (a parent and child app). This is version 3.0.0 and available in the link above. It sounds like you installed the Parent app and are missing the child app. Please note…on the child app do NOT publish it…just save it.



Thanks Michaels. I added both versions to mysmartapps. For testing, I used version 2.2.2 and got the door lock to lock/unlock according to the virtual switch on/off state. However, Alexa only response to command turn on/off the door instead of open/close (or lock/unlock: is this possible ? ). What I need to do for Alexa to response to open/close words ?


(Micheal ) #146

Unfortunately that is controlled by Amazon. There are certain key words that mean different things to Alexa and as such, she doesn’t respond well to them. For example, I set up a virtual switch called ‘sleep in’ that puts the house into a different mode than a normal weekday so the Talking Alarm Clock (my app) doesn’t go off…Spent an hour with different combinations only to find out Alexa doesn’t like a switch called ‘Sleep’ as it is one of her key words. Another key word she doesn’t like is ‘wake’…Oh well…I now call sleeping in (no alarm) ‘Holiday Mode’.


(Sully) #147

So just a question, now that Trigger Happy is out there, is this still needed for Mode changes to work with Alexa? Is it a better option?

I wasn’t sure if this was doing something specifically related to Alexa or if this was just the same method for interacting with Alexa to get mode changes to happen using a Virtual Button Device?

I’m trying to keep my list of custom SmartApps manageable. The app has worked well, in my testing. I’m just trying to see what the best options are. Thanks!


(Micheal ) #148

It really depends on what you are attempting to accomplish. Trigger Happy (from my assumption since I don’t have it installed) is that you can have a variety things happen when you trigger something (i.e. a virtual switch).

For me, I have a set of routines that I want to trigger on a normal basis. These routines lock the doors, turn off lights, set the mode, turn on the alarm, etc. Another app could do that…the routines are just built in so that works well for me. That is the beauty of community built apps…they serve a purpose for some folks, and someone else will come up with another app to appeal to someone else.

However, to give my app a shameless plug, I am not sure Trigger Happy can set the thermostat to a specific temp like mine can :slight_smile: (newest version just posted this weekend). All joking aside, I make no money by creating my apps so there is actually no incentive to do it outside of the love of HA.

New Version : [RELEASE] Alexa Helper


(Sully) #149

No need for a plug to be shameless. I completely appreciate the work you’ve put in on it. What you said was exactly what I’m looking for. I haven’t really gotten into Trigger Happy, either. I’m just trying to look at options. Again thanks for the work on this app.


(Micheal ) #150

Thanks…Like you I want to keep my app count down and ‘keep it simple’…That is why I created my own apps. However, as ST has evolved I have actually scuttled many of them in lieu of built in apps…a good example is the Smart Lighting App…It literally replaced 2 or 3 of my independent apps…Again, I have had my apps published by ST, but this is for fun and not for profit, so it comes down to what ever works.

The Alexa app is the same way…if you want something that just triggers a routine or changes temperature on a thermostat, this is your app. If you don’t use routines and want various unique things to happen when you trigger a virtual switch, than Rule or Trigger Happy may be the solution.

Gotta love some of the aspects of the open ST model…there is never a right answer…there are multiple right answers depending on your situation.


(JP) #151

I am on V2 hub and just setup version 3.2 of the Alexa Helper. When I click on “Create new Alexa Scenario” it does nothing. Am I missing something? I tried to quicky read through the posts here, but from what I see it should work.


(Micheal ) #152

You should have all 3 pieces (code above in this thread):

Alexa Helper-Parent: Sounds like you have done this
Alexa Helper-Scenario: You may be missing this code. You will SAVE it, but don’t publish it
Virtual Dimmer Code: You will only need this if you want to use the thermostat or speaker functionality. This is not an app, but a new device.

Let me know if you installed all of these.


(JP) #153

@MichaelS thanks for the quick help. I missed the copy of the helper-scenario. All good now. Thanks Again!



Michael? Can you help me please? When I select “Create New Alexa Scenario…” nothing happens. Thermostat and Speaker Controls both go to the configuration options (next screen). Am I missing something?


(Micheal ) #155

Are you sure you have the 3 pieces installed:

Alexa Helper-Parent: Sounds like you have done this
Alexa Helper-Scenario: You will SAVE it, but don’t publish it
Virtual Dimmer Code: You will only need this if you want to use the thermostat or speaker functionality. This is not an app, but a new device.

Let me know…also, I am releasing new code today. This should not affect you, but you may want to go to the official thread for this and ensure you have the latest versions.



Michael - that worked. Sorry for the oversight on my part. I do see where you previously posted this same answer to another posting that had the same exact question as mine. Thanks for your patience.


(Micheal ) #157

No worries…I am asking members of the community to help me document the functions of this app so I can create a dedicated web site for it. If that person isn’t you, but you know someone who loves formatting and documenting, send them my way!



What about adding your app info to the new wiki site as being discussed in Announcing