Alexa + ecobee + lights + shades integration? Has anyone done this?

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A couple of thoughts:

Thought on Homekit: You may be interested in this since you are a developer. There is a “tinkering” solution for integrating/controlling most of the Smartthings connected devices in Homekit via “Homebridge”. It is pretty stable now and I have not had any issues with it for over a year. cost was $50 for a raspberry pi+accessories. How knows if there will be any change with iOS 11!? (start reading around post 450)

Thought on reliability: I am looking for different levels of reliability for different parts of my Home automation. I want Thermostats and the alarm system to be rock solid while I can live with lights not turning off on or being delayed or not getting a notification when the laundry is done.

Thoughts on different systems working together: I am happy to combine different systems and make them work together. My goal for home automation is to minimize user input but if required make it as natural if possible (e.g. voice automation, grouping devices together). This does not have to be an either/or decision because there are usually multiple ways to control a device. (e.g. Nest Thermostat - basic scheduling is done through the nest app, away mode is set through Smartthings, I also control settings via voice and Amazon Echo.)

Here is an example setup that may illustrate what I am trying to tell:

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