Alexa app update (December 7, 2018)

The latest iOS update to the Alexa app has a lot of changes around Amazon’s approach to the smart home that some of us may find interesting

Here’s the release notes

Routines based on location is a great feature. You can also create additional locations outside of home and work to use for routines and reminders. One thing you can’t do, is automate locks based on location.

Another thing they added is day and time restrictions for routines. There is also a cool suppression time that keeps the same routine from repeatedly running within X minutes


every time I open the Alexa app it goes through the “here are the features” display. So annoying. I can’t find a setting to make it stop. Is it just me?

Android or iOS? Mine (Android) does that only after an update, then goes away.

iOS - mine occurs everytime

Thanks for pointing these updates out! These are some really great new features.


Mine does that after an update until you have flicked through all the pages of the announcement. After that it goes away. If there are multiple little dots at the bottom of the announcement, it has multiple pages

They also pushed out some suggested routines if you’re a Freetime subscriber. Going to try the cleanup time one out. Anything to help!

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If location-based actions are anywhere more reliable than SmartThings’ perhaps it can flip a virtual switch saying, “I’m Home!” or “I’m Leaving!” Still cloud-to-cloud, but might be useful for some folks…