AlarmDecoder AD2Pi Network Appliance

Hi, Raj. If you click on settings for the Alarm Decoder device in the mobile app, you can assign your actual zones to the virtual zones in the device. They will then be monitored in the smartthings app.

I modified the code I’m using to add enough virtual zones to accommodate all my actual zones. I also swapped the open/close state because it is opposite of how smartthings does it. (There is an open issue for that in the github repo.


To configure notifications use the WebApp not SmartThings - maybe SmartThings has some of this stuff built in, I am not sure.

If you are looking for technical support for our product, please email - this message board isn’t monitored by us, I just happen to stop by once in a while. Jasonsf seems to have answered your other questions.

Yes, I swapped open/close in the code and mapped the zone id. That seems to be fine now. But those red circles are always red. Should they toggle between red and green depending on open or closed state of the zone?

Right now, my zones show red if open but nothing if closed. I thought in the past I was getting green circles if closed but right now just empty white squares.

Jason - What code did you change to swap the open/close state? Have you had any luck integrating the virtual sensors with SHM?


In the service manager, just swap the value: “open” and value: “closed”:

def zoneOn(evt) {
log.trace(“zoneOn: desc=${evt.value}”)

def d = getChildDevices().find { it.deviceNetworkId.contains("switch${evt.value}") }
if (d)
    d.sendEvent(name: "contact", value: "open", isStateChange: true, filtered: true)


def zoneOff(evt) {
log.trace(“zoneOff: desc=${evt.value}”)

def d = getChildDevices().find { it.deviceNetworkId.contains("switch${evt.value}") }
if (d)
    d.sendEvent(name: "contact", value: "closed", isStateChange: true, filtered: true)


I got the AD2Pi up and running a couple weeks ago and it is connected to my ST v2 hub and so far seems to work great. I have a 20p panel that isn’t monitored that came with my condo and I have never used. I like the idea of the totally independent alarm panel that can sound and alert myself or neighbors locally and give me notifications on my phone. I even love that the AD2Pi will send me direct notifications w/o Smartthings. I set up my email and created a google gmail rule to prioritize those emails. There are two things I really like the ST integration for - First being able to silent/disarm remotely if the alarm goes off. Something I am sure my neighbors would appreciate. I have done some testing and have successfully disarmed/silenced from the ST app without issue so far. I don’t usually see the “alarm canceled” or other status but that seems fine. The second thing is that I would like to use CORE to trigger a virtual button in ST when the alarm goes off. I can’t seem to find the right combination of triggers in CORE that work with the app. I see an option for “alarm” and can say “changes to Siren” or “strobe” or “panic” but this doesn’t seem to work with the device type. Anyone know how I can use the alarm state to trigger CORE? I feel like I might be missing something simple. Thanks!

I’ve used CORE to turn on and off the alarm via a z-wave remote, but I haven’t yet tried to have something trigger based on the alarm state.

The readme file on github does state the the “switch” for arming the alarm is input-only.

Switch - Used to represent the panel in an ARMED STAY state. Triggering switch.on() will arm the panel using the stored user code. will disarm the panel. This is input only at the moment.

If it could be read to determine the state of the alarm then you could trigger based on that switch.

I haven’t had any issues arming or disarming stay or away. I am more curious how I can trigger something when in the alarm state? - I realize saying alarm state could be confusing. I mean when the alarm is actually triggered or sounding. I want to turn on lights and possible other ST functions.

Also - I adjusted the zone count and swapped the open/close as noted above to match my home. I only needed a total of 11. Currently everything seems to be correct except two zones. A hardwired window and a wireless door sensor. They happen to be zones 9 and 15 on my panel. It jumps from 9 to 15 and then 16 is the last zone number. From what I can tell zones 7 and 8 are doubled to create 15 and 16. Zone 9 is the wireless and I think my entry keypad is how that connects but not totally sure. Given one of the doubled zones works fine (8/16) I don’t think that is causing a problem. Any thoughts on that?


Here is my alarm view in ST. Wondering if you guys also get that red circle? I was hoping they would be green and red depending on status of zone. Mine does not change at all.

You can configure the custom monitor if status of selected zone is changed. Click on settings icon on dashboard page, select custom, new monitoring, open close sensor… and finally on alarm notification you can choose alarm with lights.

Mine shows the open zones in red.

did this change when creating the service manager app but everything still shows open instead of closed.

Just an update for you guys - we have released a new version of the AlarmDecoder WebApp as well as the SmartThings implementation. This fixes the red circle issue, fixes the delayed response issues, integrates with Smart Home Monitor, and fixes the open/close nomenclatures.



Thanks, Kevin. I’ve upgraded and am really happy with the updates so far. Zone events hit the Smartthings app within seconds of being triggered.


Yeah, it’s as fast as the cloud will let us be now so it’s pretty good :slight_smile: Also forgot to mention it now differentiates between away and stay modes, including in SHM.

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Would you mind detailing your piston setup for synchronizing alarm decoder with SHM. I have routines that will arm and disarm the alarm decoder, but only from a turn on / off perspective. Is like to be able to have a piston that monitors the state of the physical alarm system and synchronize SHM accordingly. That way when my wife disarm the alarm panel, it will set SHM to disarmed also:)

Any insight is appreciated.



I guess I should read further down the tread next time before posting :smiley: . Saw the updated device handler, type and smart app a few minutes ago. I was able to update everything and integrate with SHM - working great.

Thanks for all of the info! I’m new to the alarm integration thing, but have been on ST for a while now.

My house is in the final stages of construction and I will be going with a local alarm company for installation and monitoring of an alarm. I spoke with them today and they said they will be installing a DSC 1616. From what I can tell, all I need to interact with this system via ST is the AD2PI Network Appliance (and corresponding network connection) and the software that comes with it. Is this correct? Thanks again for the help.

Yep, DSC 1616 is supported - just select DSC firmware at checkout.

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