AEON Power Strip Binding just stopped working (presumably because groovy)

I’ve been using this, via here just fine for years, until last night.

I assume related to this end of Groovy post (even thought timing doesn’t line up). Pretty disappointing that the first I’m hearing about this is now it’s being shut down, but whatever…

I can see new ST app is aware of separate switches natively (and they can be referenced individually from routines) which is nice. I only have two hang ups:

  1. They only say ‘Switch1’, ‘Switch2’, etc. Is there anyway to name these?
  2. Is there anything like ‘virtual switches’ in the new app, or do I just have to make pairs of routines to turn them on/off (which seems like a bit of a hack)?

As long as you have a smartthings/Aeotec hub, there are several community-created edge drivers for virtual devices which work well. They have slightly different features, so you may want to look at a couple of them to find one that works best for your needs

You can find these and other community-created edge drivers by looking on the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki.

In this specific case, look for the list for virtual devices.

@dukedave I apologize for recessitating this thread. I too have just encountered this issue. I processed an exclude/include just to confirm it was on the latest ST Edge construct, and I can see the “switch1-4” included in the smart strip.

I already had the vEdge Creator up and running similar to what @JDRoberts had recommended.

Now for the “mirror” behavior, I setup a new Smart Lighting automation and can see what I believe to be associated with the strip as a total of 5 devices which I can control:

- sub
- switch1
- switch2
- switch3
- switch4

whenever I trigger any actions from the new virtual switch it does not appear to be making down to the smart strip

Any feedback, experience, or advice would be appreciated.

It seems that with the new edge driver, the trick to “mirror” is to use the new Smart Lighting application (plug-in version)

This version not only recognizes the “child” switches, but includes a more appropriate reference where the Smart Strip name is used with the child channel listed below in a smaller font.

In any case, with the two combined (vEdge Creator and the new Smart Lighting App), I was able to replicate the individual switch capabilities from the old Groovy world.


More for others who see this: Smart lighting is region-locked and is not available everywhere.

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I’m glad you found this solution too. I should have posted that it’s what I settled on. Has been working pretty well but for a couple of weird sync’ing issues early on (where virtual switch showed opposite state to child switch), but I think it was mostly around old routines I hadn’t updated.

Not a total disaster!

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