Adding SmartThings ADT Security System to Existing SmartThings HUB

Hi - I have a few questions about adding Samsung / ADT home security into my existing setup.

I already have a Samsung Hub, the latest model. If I buy their bundle it comes with a 7" screen that doubles as a hub - should I keep 2 hubs, or get rid of my old one?

I dont plan on using the ADT monitoring service. I am wondering if it is even worth it to buy the new hub with touch screen. It looks cool but maybe I could just buy a siren and some more Multi-function sensors and make my own “security system”?

I dont see any glass break sensors either which would be nice to have.

I guess I am just not really sure if I should buy this kit or just try to keep advancing and adding sensors to what I have already to kind of build out my own system.

You can’t use it together with an existing hub. You would need to individually migrate any devices from the old hub that you wanted to use with the new one.

Search the forum for discussions of reliability and security systems. All of the other SmartThings model lines are cloud-based, and just not really suitable for a primary security system. Just as one example, there is literally no way to arm/disarm the other model lines without having a cloud connection. You also can’t get any notifications, even to your old phone, unless the cloud is available. That’s why when you now follow any of the links on the SmartThings site to “security” they will take you to the ADT model. It has fewer false alarms and the security functions are also able to work Even if the Internet and power are out, which is not true of the other models.

See the following current discussion thread where you can talk to people who are actually using it:


Thanks that is very helpful.

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thats not true, the adt panel and other adt sensors will only pair to the adt panel your original hub will just work in tandem with the adt panel.