Adding girlfriends phone as a presence sensor to my ST?

I have my phone set up as a presence sensor so ST will arm when i am gone and dis-arm when i come back. How would i add my girlfriends phone to my ST system? Would i have to download ST on her phone and log her into my account then add her phone like that? If so is there a way i can make her a new Samsung account so she does not have access to mine and just share mine with her account some how? I’d hate to have to give her my account info in case she accidentally deletes rules, automatons etc… and of course in case we some day split lol…

Get life360 installed on her phone and yours then create life360 account. Add her to your life360 circle. (Life360 Free option works). Then link life360 (click Social) to your SmartThings. This would make her phone just a presence sensor without needing to add her to SmartThings profile.

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Ok great, Thank you!

is there a way to activate phone sensor presence without installing any apps as ST-profiles apps or life 360… ? Like just want to send her a link invitation to my life360 but without need life360 apps on her phone but just make link of her GPS on is phone to my life360 account without apps currently install… like something like the Samsung Arrival Presence Sensor as image who have not apps install inside just gps detector (if at home say home… if is away not really need to get her real position just want to detect if it’s at home then detect she’s at home… and if go! detect she’s away… :

If you don’t want to install the ST app or Life360, you can use the Arrival Sensor. If you don’t want to buy anything and your WiFi router has IFTTT support, you could use a virtual presence sensor to trigger location. A work around, but it would work.

thanks saosinx88, yep already running task with IFTTT i will check with that… >> i actually i have smart apps as : “alexa virtual device creator” and also the single/simple “virtual device creator”… but where it’s “virtual presence sensor trigger” it’s groovy smartapps that can find on github and need to be added to my IDE smarthing accout… or where i can found it…

On the IDE device list, it’s “simulated presence sensor”.

Hi again saosinx88, good to create IDE device as “simulated presence sensor” but what i need to write down in “device network id”… if i understand correctly i can make action in IFTTT (if "device as (my-girl-friend-phone) - location near home/house then alert me)… but how IFTTT can work and see trigger of my girlfriend phone by device network id… what’s im suppose to write down there… im not sure how to do it… thanks for your help and time if can help me. :smiley: really appreciate…! image|336x500

You create your own network id number. It can be anything, it just can’t duplicate any existing device number. You may want to also try this: [Release] Virtual Presence Plus (presence controlled by a virtual switch) as it appears to be a switch. That would allow you to write an IFTTT applet, like: if her phone connects to your router, then switch on virtual presence switch. That’s what I’m thinking could work.

I should also say that this is a lot of moving pieces, like how fast her phone connects to the WiFi and is relying heavily on IFTTT (known to have delays at times),

Lol I’ve done the same thing for my bf. My hue color lamp changes purple when he is in a radius area of the house. Not sure how I did it. Lol

I use this method: [RELEASE] ASUSWRT Wifi Presence

It does not need to be Asus router.

But overall, the process is a bit tedious. I need to create custom device handler. Then add virtual device for each user. Then add the device into my hub. Find out the device’s Smartthings uuid. Detect the device’s MAC. Obtain API key and update the script to push notifications.

But overall, I think it is better than the Presence sensor because it does not require App to be installed (which drains battery by obtaining Location information). I wish SmartThings Hub can have this feature built in (by listening to Wi-Fi) or listening to ARP (must be on the same LAN). Bluetooth would be even better.