Adding Dimmer - only shows up as "Thing"

I am trying to add a dimmer ( to my SmartThings Network.

Therefore I go to the “scanning mode” in the SmartThings app and press the buttons on the dimmer like stated. Afterward a new device shows up in the app called “Thing” but it says “No Connection to the device” when I click on it.

How can I make this dimmer work with SmartThings?


Go to the IDE and change the Device Type in there. If you don’t know how to use the IDE do a search. There are lots of How-To’s around to show you how.

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Thanks for the input. I was able to change it and it now shows up as a “device”.
But I was not able to make it a configureable dimmer (where I can use and program the 4 buttons).
Any idea which dive I should select?
Thanks a lot!

Is there a DTH for your dimmer? I was just assuming there was. if there isn’t, you’ll have to write it yourself…

I am not sure. It’s my first time setting up a smart home system.
The model is called " Sunricher zg2833k8-eu05" and I found out that it is supposed to work with “Hubitat”.
Any instructions on how to approach that issue? I feel a little bit overwhelmed :sweat_smile:
Thanks a lot!