Add / remove devices from Sharptools integrations

I just set up Sharptools for the first time. It has access to all of my ST devices and routines are working. A couple of questions, though…
Should I be seeing Sharptools under Automations in the ST app? Right now I only see it as a linked service in Settings. It’s not in the IDE either.
Is there a way to exclude some of my ST devices from Sharptools?

I don’t believe you can select individual devices… it is all or none. You manage that from under Authorized Locations / Manage connections

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Thanks for the tag, @JKP. Copying over my response from the SharpTools community…

The new SmartThings APIs are “all or nothing” in that respect.

We originally considered adding an interstitial where you could filter down what devices get synced over, but when we started really thinking about the design, we realized it was somewhat disingenuous as SharpTools would still have access to everything via the token it received even if we just synced across a subset of devices, so we backed off on it.

Other people have requested similar things from SmartThings, so we’ll see if they change it in the future.

One neat thing about SharpTools is you can pick and choose what you add to your dashboards. And if you want to share the dashboards with family members, you can use the Dashboard Sharing feature to make sure they only get access to the content on the dashboards you’ve shared with them.


Do you know, is there any other widget option besides sharptools ones?
I use a few widgets on my phone that display various temperatures.

Thank you.

Hi Cristian-
This post is about which has a next-generation connection with SmartThings.

The Tasker Plugins and Widgets were sunset in August 2022 when SmartThings announced the shutdown of their Groovy platform. That being said, there are some options in the following post:

Specifically, the second part about pushing events to your phone. It’s a more technical setup as it requires using Tasker, setting up a rule to push events to your phone, and using Tasker to update the widget when the event comes in, but I wanted to throw it out there for you as an option.