Access waterSensor through smarthing hub in nodejs sdk

I have setup a smartthing hub and connect a watersensor to it. i have also created a project in samsung portal, and connected this project in automation section on smartthings mobile app.

I have created a project using smartthing nodejs sdk. using below code to access watersensor.
const SmartApp = require(‘@smartthings/smartapp’);
const express = require(‘express’);
const server = express();
const PORT = 8080;
/* Define the SmartApp */

const smartapp = new SmartApp()
.configureI18n({updateFiles: true})
.enableEventLogging(2) // logs all lifecycle event requests and responses as pretty-printed JSON. Omit in production
.page(‘mainPage’, (context, page, configData) => {
page.section(‘sensors’, section => {
.deviceSetting(‘waterSensor’) // Changed the device setting key to “waterSensor”
.capabilities([‘waterSensor’]) // Set the capability to “WaterSensor”
// Called for both INSTALLED and UPDATED lifecycle events if there is no separate installed() handler
.updated(async (context, updateData) => {
await context.api.subscriptions.delete() // clear any existing configuration
await context.api.subscriptions.subscribeToDevices(context.config.waterSensor, ‘waterSensor’, ‘myDeviceEventHandler’);
.subscribedEventHandler(‘myDeviceEventHandler’, async (context, event) => {
const value = event.value === ‘open’ ? ‘on’ : ‘off’;
await, ‘waterSensor’, value);

/* Handle GT requests */
server.get(‘/’, (req, res) => {
// Serve the main page here
res.send(‘Hello team’);

/* Handle POST requests */‘/’, function (req, res, next) {
smartapp.handleHttpCallback(req, res);

/* Start listening at your defined PORT */
server.listen(PORT, () => console.log(Server is up and running on port ${PORT}));

i have deployed this code in azure function(web app) and i am using the azure application url as webhook. i can see the node js application in automation section of smartthings app but it says (waterSensor) No device found.

it seems it it not able to access my waterSensor. can someone help me with the suggestion or solution?