AC Powered Motion Detector

Does anyone know of any Motion detectors that support AC power instead of a battery? I have power available and would prefer to not replace batteries. Any suggestions?

A couple of Z wave PIR motion detectors are plug-ins, but I don’t know if they’ve been tested with SmartThings.

The easiest choice is probably the first generation smartthings motion sensor. It has the option of battery or USB power. So you can just plug it into a USB adapter. A lot of people use that one because when it is plugged in it it also functions as a zigbee repeater.

I have the Aeon Labs multi plugged into the wall with a mini USB cable and charger. It works great, plus wears many hats since it’s a ton of sensors in one package.

I was using it outdoors for the winter but it was on battery power and the battery life was terrible. I’ll probably give that a shot later again when I can get one wired up somewhere.

Anyone have one of these old AC powered motion sensors that they could part with? I’ve only got the newer battery powered ones.