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I’m new to ST, came from IRIS, and would like to see the temperature or power usage of the various devises right on the dashboard page. There seems to be plenty of room in the box to insert this information and would save a lot of time not having to drill down to each device to get a simple temp reading.

Also suggest adding a filter to the notification activity page so we can isolate the device we are searching for and not have to scroll down hundreds of entries to fine each occurrence of a door opening for example. And have an option not to see every device temp reading every few minutes. This makes the list so long it’s kind of useless for search for one activity.

Thank you for considering my ideas.


I am looking for a battery operated sensing device that can detech human body room inside a small room of 5’ x 6’. If the room is emptied, it will trigger an action. That is opposit from a motion sesnor which will trigger when detech body in a room.

I would love to see a feature that allows for using my phones hardware volume buttons to control the volume for my tv when I have my samsung television’s remote open in smart things.