A Real timer?

Hello all,

I just got a smart things device and i am installing switches every ware love it.

I need help with getting a real timer like option. I have put a switch on a in room fireplace and i want the option to have it run for 10 min or 30 depending on what i need.

I see ther power aliance lets you set hard timer rules but i dont want to have to edit that ever time i want to use the fireplace. Is there a way to make a button for 10 min a button for 20 min and so on? Any help would be amazing thanks.

You can definitely make multiple virtual buttons and tie it into one physical button. Then use smart lighting app for setting timer and sync.

Here is the steps for creating virtual button.

Edit: power allowance is not very reliable lately for some people so using it on a fireplace probably is not the best idea unless you are around.


Thanks i think i can get that to work :wink: