$9 Zigbee Xiaomi Door/Window Sensors (works for some people)

So, I recently purchased some Xiaomi Smart Cameras (Nest Cam Clones) which are amazing for the price by the way ($30) and I noticed they are now selling Zigbee door/window sensors for less than $10 a piece with free shipping. Xiaomi makes some nice quality stuff for the price. I just ordered 2 of these sensors, anyone have any idea how or where to begin looking to find a way to pair these to ST?

Edit: apparently @jdroberts has stated these don’t work, as they are locked like the 1st Gen Lowes Iris sensors .


Well when they show up, pair them up and tell us what happens…

I’m interested in how they pair. Looking for a few more

Decided to order this and the wireless button thing… see what happens :slight_smile: Cheapest I’ve seen any sensors so even if it doesn’t work I’m not too worried.

I also bit (one of each, the button, door/window sensor and “human” sensor, if it works pretty cool find. We shall see since I own one of every other sensor in the world what is the harm in continuing that trend.

Thanks for posting.

Ordered two “human sensors”, love the name. 12 bucks a piece, can’t lose.

It’s worth noting that @JDRoberts is reporting in this thread that Xiaomi Zigbee products are NOT compatible with SmartThings. Probably want to cancel any orders if you can.

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Correct. The original Xioami line uses their own proprietary encoding and will only work with their own controllers. Cannot be used with SmartThings. Same issue as the original iris line or the original NYCE line.

Whenever you see Zigbee devices, remember that SmartThings uses the Zigbee home automation profile (ZHA 1.2. ) It will also work with the special light bulb profile, Zigbee Light Link (ZLL).

But that’s it. SmartThings won’t work with other profiles like “zigbee pro”, “zigbee green energy”, “zigbee medical”, or any company proprietary versions.

So check for the certification description before purchasing anything.


Bummer, order cancellation request sent (I don’t have high hopes though).

Xioami does makes some models with other profiles, so you have to check each individual offer to see what it is. The problem is that sometimes Chinese sellers will take the English product description from one model and post it with another not realizing they’re not exactly the same.

If the seller also lists the Xioami controller, that’s actually a bad sign. I believe all of their controllers use their proprietary format.

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No matter what happens this is actually a great lesson, I (being zigbee noob) actually thought there was only one standard across the entire industry. I guess I have been lucky up to now. That all being said thanks for the lesson, I love learning these things so I can at least sound intelligent when talking about it and maybe teach others to walk on the rocks I stumbled on.

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If you want one standard… There is Zwave =D

You wanna use my EU frequency Zwave devices in the US then…?


Ha, True.

But… There is only 1 zwave standard in US and 1 EU frequency. Still much less confusing than that of Zigbees many profiles, Which was my point.

That said I use both -

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Hi there!

Caqn you post a link for the door/window sensors? I wanted to buy a couple but cannot find it being sold separately.

Thank you in advance

These most likely won’t work with Smartthings as an FYI.

However knowing this if you still want them for some other reason you can find a link to each on this page:

Mod feel free to delete the link if it is spam or causes confusion. I am not affiliated with this company in anyway…just trying to help.

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It is a shame that it won’t work. I am still interested in a couple of these however, without being forced to buy the whole xiaomi smart home kit anew, of course.

Thank you so much @droidguru

Gearbest didn’t let me cancel my order, so I will have two of these no matter what.

I wonder if the firmware can be hacked to newer…

Let me know @bridaus, they said they cancelled mine but I’m still not sleeping soundly until I see the $$$$.

However if it all goes well and you can make them work I’ll gladly give the money back to them.

I probably can’t do it but it won’t stop me from trying. :smile: