5 Way Switch Options

So, I got ready to tackle my stair lights and thought it was a 4 way configuration. While getting ready to install, I just did a final check and found there is another switch that is on this circuit, so a 5 way switch. The manual that came with the GE smart dimmer says it can be used in 3 way or 4 way configurations, but I’ve seen a few posts (via the search function) where people talk about a smart switch working in a 5 way configuration. This switch controls 3 fixtures with 2 lights each, so it would be 6 bulbs if I went with connected lights instead which is going to be quite a bit more money than the switches. I just want to make sure that I a 5 way configuration works before I travel down that road of buying a 3rd add on switch. Thanks

3 way, 4 and x way are all wired the same, so from that perspective no difference. I can think of no reason that the ge stuff wouldn’t work 5 way…

North America 5 ways means 4 switches in different locations and one load connecting to the switches. The wiring for smart switches should be the same as stated above but due to so many branches of wiring. Interference could cause it not to be reliable. That doesn’t mean you couldnt try it. If it didn’t work then you could remove one add on switch at the location least used or move the master switch to a different location depending on what kind of wiring configuration you have.

Edit : this is just my opinion and not from GE.

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What @Navat604 said. I’m just leery about trying something that GE doesn’t recommend.