3D location?

Hey all!

A good 2 years after I started using this platform (and loving every minute of it) I’ve thought of one thing that is missing…

3D location…

I mean, the way the system works to locate a person is perfect for individual homes at ground level… but, what if you live in a flat, way up high in a building?

You don’t really arrive home until you get to the altitude of your flat…

So some sort of 3D location is missing!

How could we do it?


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ST or alternative presence fob may be the only way right now. ST needs to add altitude to its mobile presence sensors and convert the location circle into a globe :wink:


One problem I’ve seen with the smartpresence devices is, apart from battery life, that it gets detected from a good 100 meters in diagonal from the flat to the garage entry!

Combine the two. Mobile is present and fob is present?

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I read something about Google’s onhub router, ifttt and ST… if only google sold the device in Europe!

There are some implementations around here with dd-wrt where your wifi router acts as the presence sensor. Search…

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Not sure but this may help…


I would agree that Ibeacons are likely the most practical way to implement this at the present time. It’s still a 360° signal, but with the more expensive beacons you can vary the transmission strength to reduce the range significantly. I have mine set up so that I’m not detected as “home” until I reach the wheelchair ramp at my front door. The whole detection area is only about 3 m.