$300 Paper Weight

Time investment is certainly a different story. I’d guess half my HA effort has been installing smart switches and other decives, the other half ST-specific. The second half will be lost if I have to switch hubs. However, that risk is not ST specific. Switching hubs will always hurt, and amount of hurt is more closely related to the new hub than old. Hopefully ST is no more likely to compel me to change systems than the other options… Time will tell.

True. However, the point here is that with cloud-based platforms like SmartThings, you’re forced to switch if the company decides to pull the plug. This is what happened to NinjaBlocks, Revolv and almost happened to Wink.


Kind of makes me feel bad for all those people I see driving Saturn’s…

That can happen to any company in any industry.

Every time we make a purchase we run the risk of the company not being there in the morning.

But ST is owned and is being used by Samsung. That gives me a lot of peace of mind, even if it’s imaginary.

Not a fair comparison. A car can run for decades event if it’s no logger manufactured and even if the company is no longer around. There thousands of VW Beetles and Pontiac Fieros on the road 30 years after the assembly lines stopped. But as the title of this thread says, people who bought Revolv just over a year ago are stuck with a $300 paperweight.

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Actually, I would say it’s very fair.

We all bought a hub with certain expectations from the company. We expect it to work, we expect it to continue working, and we expect it work in the future,

People bought a Saturn with certain expectations well. They expected it to work, the expected it to keep working, the expected their warranty to be good, and they expected it to work in the future.

With that comparison… the $99.00 hub is doing much better than the $9999.00 Saturn.

Good to know. I always thought there was a chance of not being able to add a device that was not properly removed from an existing controller.