3-way light switch

Hi! One quick question to see what i have to buy.

In a 3-way installation light do i need both swithches to be zwave? Or I can just automate 1 and keep the other non-zwave?


You can’t mix smart switches and dumb switches in a 3-way. You have one master that has a Z-Wave radio and a compatible smart add-on switch that usually has no radio. The add-on is really a wired remote to the master that uses the traveler. The add-on does not directly control the load/fixture.

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You also can’t mix smart switch types in a three way.

Any options to use a Fibaro dimmer and momentary/retractive switches?

Any options? Confused… the device supports the configuration that you have shown. It does need to be configured to support momentary switches before this will work.
In the us most existing 3way/Nway setups do not have the available wiring to support this. We only have the traveler that that can be freed, the neutral is usually needed to support the load and thus can’t be removed from the ac side of the circuit.
There are still ways of pulling this off, although I use aeons, all my switches are momentary, 3way dimmers included.

I was just throwing it out there as a possible solution.

As in, could you use this?

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Only possible with incandescent bulbs. Not with LEDs or CFLs.

Then you install a bypass I think?


@brumster From your link: http://www.vesternet.com/resources/application-notes/apnt-24#.WItaJ3eca3A

IMPORTANT - Read this first!
This guide relates to the ORIGINAL Fibaro Universal Dimmer.
Do NOT follow this guide if you are installing the Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2.
You can cause damage to the device, your lighting circuit and your lights if you ignore this warning!

So it depends on what you have. Also, in Europe some things are different due to 220V

Here’s the link for the Fibaro Dimmer 2


And the related Bypass here:

Use whatever you like.

This isn’t really about me and what I want to use??? I don’t work for Fibaro nor am I employed by Vesternet. I also don’t use them personally (although I did buy one for testing).

I’m simply offering up a possible option for the post that launched this thread which I thought was the objective.

Wether you use the FGD211 or the FGD212 you can use them with LED’s if you use the appropriate bypass. Both models have an input of 110-240V AC.

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One quick answer. Smart Switch (or Dimmer) and get the Aux Switch to go with it.

Here is an example Switch and it’s compatible Add-On Module.

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I’ve never understood whey they don’t sell a 3-Way switch pack with both the master and add-on in the same package. I guess that makes too much sense. lol


LOL, I’ve been looking at switches online for about 3 weeks now and not once has a kit popped up on my search. But, I never put “kit” into the search.

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