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2018 - Current: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Z-wave+ Shades & Bali Autoview Z-wave+ Shades

(Neal ( / #523

A few things to check for. First go through live logging to see if the hub is keeping the motors awake by sending commands to it more frequently than the others.

If you don’t see anything unusual there the simplest thing to try would be to fully reset them and re-add them to ST and see if it makes a difference. Battery issues should have been resolved by now (it’s quite rare) and the reset should take care of it.



Neal, thanks I will try a full reset. After I remove the shade from ST, should I hard reset the shade? I think that requires a 7 second press of the button on the shade. Is this correct?

I did watch the live logging. ST did seem to poll for battery status every 5-10 minutes, but ST seemed to bee polling all of the shades in this room with the same frequency. That does seem excessive.


(Neal ( / #525

So the full reset would actually wipe the limits and all programming on the shade. To do that first remove the shade and remote from ST (or any other hub you’re using). Once removed press and hold the button on the shade until it goes from Green > Flashing Green > Flashing Red > And finally no lights. This can take up to 20 or so seconds and during this time the shade would Jog twice. The first time in 7 seconds approx, and the second time towards the end of the light sequence. Also it’s better to do it with your shade halfway up, since it’s easier to set limits etc.

Do you have the manual with you to set the limits on the motor?



Hi Neal,
Yes. I have the manual and I will try this full reset procedure this weekend. Thank you for the advice on the end limits. I will do this procedure this weekend.


(Michael Shackelford) #527

I got 18 new blinds in January and all were shipped with 1.12 firmware. Can i get the firmware to update all of mine ? I’m having issues when using scenes and using routines in Alexa and not having them all go , all the way down , or all the way up , there are always a few that don’t go all the way and i have to run the scene again


(Neal ( / #528

Where they purchased through us? If so please reach out to support via email and they’ll get you on track.


(Michael Shackelford) #529

Sorry i have FW ver 11.02

zw:F type:1107 mfr:026E prod:5253 model:5A31 ver:11.02 zwv:4.33 lib:03 cc:5E,26,85,59,72,86,5A,73,25,7A,80 role:07 ff:9A00 ui:9A00

I purchased from - bali blinds , appears to be the exact same ones from Zebra. Do i need to contact / Bali or Spring Window Fashions ? Or can i simply get the firmware from you guys ? I doubt customer support at any of the above will know what i’m talking about


(Neal ( / #530

At this point I would say PM me with your email and I’ll see what I can do. As most people who’ve purchased Bali products mentioned above, Bali customer service isn’t aware of this neither are most retailers. Only reason we have access is we helped discovered the bug and I’ve been actively following up with the engineering team at Springs to get it resolved. We also have a program in place to update our customers and provide the necessary support. The main issue comes down to most retailers being there solely to sell the products and not actively support it.


(Michael Shackelford) #531


I did contact Spring Fashion - the technical support knew of no new firmware, so they asked their firmware engineers and only reported that all blinds shipped this year had the latest firmware. Not sure why mine shipped with the 11.02 then


(Ryan) #532

Sorry for the long delay in getting back to this. The firmware is 11.2 but unfortunately I did not purchase them through ZebraBlinds (though for what its worth you have definitely made a convert out of me for any blinds I need to buy in the future). Do you know if there is any other way to get the firmware update?


(Neal ( / #533

As mentioned above, PM me your email and I will do what I can.



I have the 11.2 firmware and am experiencing the same issue of them only moving a little bit. I bought them last year but only recently started using them with my hub instead of the handheld remotes.


(Neal ( / #535

If ordered from us, please reach out to support.


(Neal ( / #536

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@zebrablinds, Neal would you be willing to try and help me obtain the 11.03 firmware? I just received 15 roller shades from Springs this week. (Didn’t know about you before finding this thread, otherwise I definitely would have purchased these from you!) Every single one of the shades I received has 11.02 firmware, and they are all exhibiting the sporadic start/stop and flashing red light behavior discussed on this thread. I can’t PM you as I’m a new member.