200 Device Limitation? Really? Any alternatives?

Well, that only took a year (save 9 days…)


Well what-do-you-know! Wonder what made them change their mind(s)? People running multiple hubs?!


Yes…got a revert from smartthings but it’s only for the US region it seems. Please see their below reply. I am using a UK version hub. But at least this helps US customers.

We just heard back from a member of our escalations team and after looking into this, they mentioned that the limit thus far has only been increased for US users. Not to worry, we are asking for when the remaining regions will be ready.

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even smartthings doesn’t have a proper answer for this. But I feel that I have to plan and need to migrate to a reliable platform in the near future.

always good to keep your options open with anything. i have a hubitat c7 on the shelf just in case! haha

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How long ago was that answer from customer service? It was just removed for me yesterday.

Got the confirmation on the 11th that the restriction is removed. But when I checked I still had the restriction on my app. I reverted back. Just today they updated me that It’s applicable only to the US region.

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Confirmed, and just in time to add a couple more Zigbee outlets for holiday lighting!


Now if we can have more than 20 rooms/groups…

you can add more than 20 rooms if you add them through https://my.smartthings.com


Any word on when Australia will have the luxury of being able to add more then 200 devices?

My set-up is 1 location and 3 hubs spread over a large site, so I was shocked when I reached the limit today.

I think the Fibaro Smart Implant that creates 1 parent and 4 child devices that has put me over the 200 limit. I’ve got 30 of them on 1 hub, 30x5 that’s 150 alone.