20$ Home Dimmer Module - not too shabby

These work great and are cheap on Amazon. Just tested 2.

Schlage RP200RNX V N N SL Home Dimmer Module with Nexia Home Intelligence, White (Z-Wave)


It’s very good value if it meets your use case.

Just be aware that there is one significant difference between this module, which is the 200 “dimmer” module, and a very similar looking “appliance” module, which is the 100.

From the Nexia site:

The Dimmer Module will work with all standard incandescent lighting and some compact fluorescent or LED lights, but we recommend checking the lighting packaging to determine compatibility. The Appliance Module will turn any type of lights on and off.

So it may depend on your end devices.

Trying to connect mine to the hub, but SmartThings can’t seem to find it. I’m new to the home automation stuff - can you explain how you connected yours to the hub?


These are the basic instructions to add a new device, but you’ll need to also do something on the physical device, usually push a button while the app is searching. The instructions with the device should say.

From the SmartThings side:


For that model, it looks like:

  1. plug it in
  2. wait until the app starts searching, then double click the button on the front of the new device

But check the user guide that came in the box to be sure.

That should do it as long as you’re in range. It should pair as a “zwave switch.”

Thanks for the reply. I got it to work using by excluding it - https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-us/articles/200867104-My-GE-Jasco-module-won-t-connect-to-my-hub.

Good. Usually you don’t need to exclude unless it was previously paired to a different hub, but it never hurts to do so. :blush:

I received 4 last night. The seem the same as the ge/linear/every other plug in dimmer. They all seem to use the same injection mold.

Anyhow. They are new old stock oem items supplied to Verizon and then sold off to zwave products.

The bubble wrap packaging is degrading and they are covered in red plasticizer. A few scrubs with 90%+ isopropanol and cotton microfiber cloths cleans up the tacky/sticky surface.

Pairing was a snap.