12vdc Z-Wave (for switching 4 12v LED lines and 2 12v fans)

12v dc solar Z-Wave for led light

Hi @bob5731, I think we’ll need a little more information about your post. I’m not sure what you’re asking.

I need to control 6 12v dc lines by Z-Wave and smartthings.
4 led 12v dc lights and 2 12v dc fans.
I will controlling one at a time or by groups. When go to bad turning all of the lights and the fans.

How do I wire up the fans?

this is what i’m using DC-12V-4CH-200M-Wireless-Remote-Control-Relay-Switch-2-Transceiver-Receiver and like to add Z-Wave.

then how do I setup it up in smartthings?

controlling tv all of it on the cheapside

I need controlling tvs. Do it on the cheapside lights and fan to. I’m new to it all.

iTach is 99 and Logitch Harmony is 99