12v Battery Monitoring

Does anyone know of a way I could monitor a standard 12 volt battery? I am wanting to put something on a boat, and there are water/temp sensors but I can’t find anything for monitoring DC voltage. Thanks in advance

This might fit the bill. The manual talks about using it with their “Gateway” and app, but if it really is Zigbee, likely should work with ST.

Zigbee specification allows for many different “profiles“ and they do not all work together. It even allows for custom profiles.

Smartthings supports part (but not all) of the Zigbee 3.0 profile.

Zigboat is NOT certified for Zigbee 3.0. In fact, because it describes tunneling, I’m pretty sure it’s using a manufacturer proprietary profile, and will only work with its own gateway.

There are lots of certified zigbee devices that don’t work with smartthings, so you have to research a little deeper to find out the profile. For example, control4 Zigbee devices generally don’t work with SmartThings. Neither do green energy Zigbee devices like the friends of Hue switches.

FAQ: Zigbee Application Profiles, or why not all zigbee devices work with SmartThings

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There are some Shelly devices which are popular for this use case, particularly the Uni. Here’s some discussion from their webpage.

I’m not sure if this capability is exposed through the official cloud to cloud interface. You would need to ask Shelly support.

But you should be able to do it with a commmunity built edge Driver. You can talk to people in that thread to see if anyone’s using it for battery monitoring, but I think some people are.

Shelly are WiFi devices, not Zigbee, but the good news is that means they have excellent range.

Edge Shelly drivers for Gen1 and Gen2 Devices

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Hi Everyone, this thread has been super useful. I am looking to do the same integration but using a 48V battery. Does anyone know of a smartthings compatible device that will all me to monitor voltages up to 60V? I basically want to trigger an external action when the batteries drop below 42V (i.e. trigger mains charging, as its been a bad solar day). Thanks in advance, Neal.

You could use a voltage divider circuit to reduce the solar battery voltage to the range that the Zigboat accepts

A 5:1 divider could be set up with 2 10k resistors in parallel that is in series with a 1k resistor

Then the solar battery would connect from the top of the 10ks to the bottom of the 1k and the Zigboat across the 1k resistor

The routine would then need to account for the 5:1 scaling for the trigger value

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